Saturday, June 29, 2013

5seconds; 59days

It was the first day of May

Standing in purple secretly staring
My heart smiled without you knowing
5 seconds; its the time that my world stopped revolving.

Stealing every moment for a glance

The way you smile it fools me around
Those big doll eyes that i don't wanna miss
Ideal is the word that best suits you Ms.

Luck is on me I know this is bad

Able to find records without permitting me to had
But I'll go beyond whatever it takes
'Coz I don't wanna lose this girl who put my heart at stake.

Eventually we became friends

Exchanging thoughts from every night and day
I can't help it but it just came
The song that changed the way of the game.

You're the girl that I dreamed of

Thank God I found you
I don't wanna lose you
You're everything
No more as I wake from this perfect dream
And if this is just temporary or not, fate or illusion
One thing is certain

That is ..

"Think from your mind, write from your heart and inspire with your soul" 
                                                                                                 -Alexis Fernando