Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"A letter for you..."

J  ust looking at her can make me smile
E ndless bliss, she is so special
N ever before have I seen such beauty
N ow that I've seen it, she is so lovely.
I  deal is the word that suits her best
F lamboyant indeed, she's way too perfect
E rrands of before, I no longer care cuz
R ain has stopped, she became my rainbow.

S imple yet elegant when I first saw her
A stoundingly ravishing that's now how I see her
D imples she may not have but
S wee contagious smile surely she has.
A lex is my name & I wish you a...
D azzling happy birthday!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

You're the...

Happy Birthday!

J am for my bread
 I  ce for my booze
S  ugar for my coffee
reo for my milk
O rbit of my world.

R eason why I changed
Y  in of my Yang
U  ...yes, it's only u.

나는 당신에게 생활 의 모든 성공 을 기원 (not sure if i'm correct kkkkk)                                                                                                      ~박주소